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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Argus says El-Amin, Troupe have reconciled

The current edition of the St. Louis Argus reports that the rift between State Rep. Yaphett El-Amin and her home ward alderman, Charles Quincy Troupe, has been settled. While the paper did not explicitly state that Troupe had endorsed El-Amin’s candidacy for state senator in the 4th District, it implied as much by stating that Troupe and El-Amin would work together for the betterment of that district specifically. The two were photographed together.

The Argus is published by Eddie Hasan, El-Amin’s father.

The absence of solid home ward support for El-Amin because of her feud with Troupe had led many commentators, including the Oracle, to minimize El-Amin’s chances to win the Democratic Primary in the senate race. This reversal of fortune restores El-Amin's credibility as a significant contender for the 4th District nomination.

Other announced candidates for the nomination are Washington University lecturer Jeff Smith, State Rep. Amber Boykins and former State Rep. Derio Gambaro. El Amin’s biggest competitor for her greatest potential bases of support is Boykins, at whose expense El-Amin’s new surge is likely to come. El-Amin shares very little common potential support with Smith and virtually none with Gambaro. This means that this development does not disturb Smith’s status as presumed frontrunner. The likely harm to Boykins’ bid actually widens Smith’s perceived lead.

Candidates may formally file starting on February 28.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does the Troupe truce have anything to do with the Clay machine? IOW, is the big fish now telling the little fish to play nice?

January 23, 2006 at 9:11 AM  

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