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Thursday, October 14, 2004

November election returns in the crystal ball

Let’s gaze into the Oracle’s crystal ball and take a look at the November elections.

President Bush loses re-election decisively. He loses Missouri by over 10 points. Most other statewide Democrats ride the coattails to victory. The Democratic candidate for governor overcomes a tough primary to defeat a younger Republican statewide officeholder. A Democrat woman succeeds Republican Blunt as secretary of state. A promising young statewide Republican named Steelman loses to a Democrat from Jefferson County. Jay Nixon wins the attorney general’s race. The only statewide Republican survivor is incumbent U.S. Senator Kit Bond, who wins a closer than expected contest against a liberal St. Louis woman. Democrats unseat the Republican congressman in Missouri’s 6th District, helping them win the U.S. House of Representatives narrowly. They also win both houses of the Missouri legislature.

But wait. The crystal ball was set for the wrong November. That was 1992.

Yet, everything sounded so much like this year. Will it be?


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